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Child Labour: Children and Machines

A young boy operates a lathe in a small machining shop in Sadarghat, Dhaka.

I found this boy working in a small shop in Sadarghat. The shop was about two metres squared and contained nothing but this machine and a wall of mounted tools. There were no safety guards of any sort on the machine, and he was regularly sticking his fingers into the gears to brush out small pieces of metal. Even the belts in the foreground were dangerous, randomly flinging small metal shards into the air.

If you haven’t seen it yet, have a look at my full story on Child Labour in Bangladesh.

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Dhaka: Places People Sleep

For most people I know going to sleep involves closing the door to their bedroom, setting an alarm clock and turning off the lights. But for the lower classes in Dhaka, recently voted the world’s most unlivable city, sleeping is often done when and where possible. On the side of a busy intersection, inside their rickshaws, or on a piece of cardboard on the street; these are just a few of the places people sleep in Bangladesh’s capital. Follow the link for my full project on Dhaka Life.

Sleeping on a bench at the side of the road near the Sadarghat boat terminal, Dhaka.

A man sleeps under a desk in a small workshop in Sadarghat.

An elderly woman holds a baby tight as they sleep on the street near the Kaoran Bazaar, Dhaka.

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