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Inside the Real Narcos

Last year I travelled through Acapulco and Sinaloa with a crew from Channel 4 UK, documenting the world of cartels and drug trafficking with former SAS operator Jason Fox. Originally released in the UK, the entire three-part series is now available on Netflix.

While I loved working with this crew, some of the scenes were brutally graphic and I was constantly reminded how lucky I was to have the option to leave this violent environment. Millions of Mexicans are not so privileged and have to live with the consequences of the international appetite for drugs every day.

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C.A.R.E. International Short from Guatemala

A little while ago I was commissioned by the Dutch creative agency Makemende Media to direct and shoot a short film for a global series about female entrepreneurs for the international aid organization C.A.R.E. International . I travelled to Santiago Sacatepéquez, Guatemala with a small crew and spent multiple days with Sandra Xiquín and her family, learning about the challenges facing women and incredible journey she has taken in overcoming these hurdles.

Once dismissed as an ‘incapable girl’ Sandra now oversees a female farming co-operative with over 40 members. An example to all women, it was a great pleasure to get to know her over the course of the shoot.


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