The Trade – ShowTime

When I first moved to Mexico and set up as a documentary filmmaker, one of the first questions anyone asked me was “have you seen Cartel Land?”. Once I’d watched it I knew why – it was one of the most interesting and hardest hitting documentaries I’d seen in a long time, and it did an incredible job of explaining the convoluted and complex relationship between drug cartels, the government, and the people caught in the middle. There were no heroes in this story, just truth.

So when the Academy-award nominated produced (and a fellow former Canadian tree planter) reached out to me about shooting a sequence for his unofficial follow up, I agreed immediately.

The Trade is a multi-part mini series set to launch on ShowTime in February, 2018, and from the advanced screenings I was able to see it is even more powerful than Cartel Land. The show follows a series of characters on both sides of the border as drugs and the conflicts they create impact their lives in unimaginable ways. I won’t try and explain all the complexities of a project that took years to do properly, but suffice it to say I was glad to play even a small role in making it happen. I don’t yet know which episode my work will feature in, but it doesn’t really matter – the show is so good that every minute is worth your time.

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