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Farewell to Manila

It’s been exceptionally tough to find a decent internet connection since arriving in Burma, but now that I’ve found one I wanted to add a few final images from Manila that I especially like. A great city with a million stories to tell.

Look for new stuff from Burma to start popping up in the next few weeks.

A newly born baby with his mother in a community built under an overpass in Quiapo

The San Andres Bukit skyline. A lower class neighbourhood, San Andres is a mixture of familial compounds and squatter communities. In the background is Makati, one of Manila’s most affluent areas.

M.J., 15, is addicted to sniffing solvents. She lives under a ledge behind a commercial complex in Quaipo.


A man in his house in San Andres the day before he prepares to depart for Qatar for work. Many Filipinos work overseas since local wages are often not enough to support their families.


The hand of a young girl in San Andres.


A cross hangs in Quiapo. The Philippines is overwhelmingly a catholic country.

Two girls in a squatter house, San Andres.

Men passing a bottle of rum in San Andres. Excessive drinking is common in Manila’s lower class neighbourhoods, as the price of alcohol is extremely low in the Philippines.

A woman runs a small cigarette shop under an overpass in Quiapo.

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Raphael’s Story

I met Raphael through a friend, living in the market district of Divisoria, Manila. Four months ago he fell down the stairs of his squatter apartment while drunk and cracked his spine. Unable to afford medical treatment he can only lay on his back in the small bedroom while his brother helps him as best he can. He urinates into small plastic containers and is unable to stand long enough to shower or bathe. Since he can’t pay for a trip to the hospital he has no way of knowing when or if his injuries will heal.

Raphael lies in the sweltering heat of his small room, using plastic containers for urinating. He has already been laying in this position for four months and recovery seems a long way off – if ever.

Pain killers have been donated, as his family cannot afford to buy medicine. He and his brothers repaired an old radio to give him some form of entertainment.

Raphael’s brother takes care of him as best he can. Since Raphael cannot work, his family sacrifices to help him.

The house is simple and small, approximately ten square meters for three people.

Raphael does workouts using a broom handle to try and regain mobility in his legs.

Raphael is patient and hopeful, but extremely frustrated by his situation.

Raphael reads the bible daily, drawing inspiration and hope.

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