Korean High School Documentary

A friend of mine turned me on to this documentary a few weeks ago. Anyone who has talked to me since I have been living in South Korea will be familiar with stories of overworked children under unbelievable pressure to perform academically (and superficially). The fact that this doesn’t end in high school was the subject of my Under Pressure Interview Series.

This 19 year old girl deserves huge credit for doing what I always wanted to do – and doing it better than I probably could. After graduating from high school in the US, she enrolled in a South Korean public school and documented the story from the inside out. A gutsy move, and one that I can’t honestly say I would have been capable of at that age. An amazing achievement.

Watch the preview, visit the site and think about donating to make sure this project gets the support it deserves.

Korean High School (Documentary Preview) from Kelley Katzenmeyer on Vimeo.



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